Biomimetic Botanical


A sustained presence on the International Space Station, Future Space Exploration Vehicles and Planetary Outposts require new technologies to provide food, water and keeping astronauts healthy and fit. Before use in space, these technologies are tested under extreme conditions – such as the new methods in farming being tested aboard the EDEN ISS.

The recent harvest provided the crew the first salad in months.

As part of our relationship with the Life Sciences Labs at NASA, we are looking at how plants can be grown more efficiently and how to better harvest their nutrients.

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My Mom use to tell me, “people cook our vegetables to taste better, but it’s the raw vegetables have the most nutrients.”

The problem in our industry is that companies use heat and solvents to create botanical extracts, which destroy these nutrients in the very same way as cooking.

By employing NASA Zero-Gravity technology, there is now a better way to capture these vital nutrients and isolate the key beneficial molecules from plants – without heat and without solvents.

plant flow outer space

10X the concentration of active components of traditional botanicals, based on analysis by two independent labs.

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